How to DOUBLE your audience with collaborations
learn how to build buzz around your brand, double your audience and GROW without spending a cent on marketing
Hey! I'm Jess.
When brands partner up, amazing things can happen. The likes of Uber x Spotify, Topshop X Doughnut Time and GoPro X Redbull helped spark the idea for Collabosaurus - a matchmaker for brands. Since starting the platform in 2015, Collabosaurus now houses over 3200+ opportunities & I have spoken for Apple, General Assembly, ADMA, The Collective Hub & The College of Event Management on all things marketing, collaborations, sponsorships & entrepreneurship.
What You'll Get
Want to build your email list, grow your social media following, attract media attention or see your next product fly off the shelves?

Collaboration marketing is one of the most effective, low-cost strategies for growing your brand. In this 5 day email Masterclass, you’ll learn; 

How to use collaborations to GROW your brand
How to come up with an awesome idea
Find out who to partner with + how to reach out
How to leverage + negotiate your collab

I’m the Founder of Collabosaurus and we have overseen hundreds of successful brand collaborations, big and small. I absolutely can’t wait to share this FREE course with you!
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